IRATA 2019 Committee Elections en


IRATA International’s biennial committee elections will commence Friday 13th September and run until Monday 23rd September. Ballots will be conducted for the following committee positions:

Executive Committee: 15 member positions (including Chairs)
Equipment & Standards Committee: Chair and 8 member positions
Health & Safety Committee: Chair and 8 member positions
Training Committee: Chair and 8 member positions

IRATA Committees

Our members are entitled to attend committee meetings, but it is essential to have an elected core committee of willing volunteers to support the furtherance of our Association. Therefore, should you believe that you are able to contribute positively to this effect, we encourage you to put your name forward for consideration.

Eligible Candidates

Only Full IRATA Members’ representatives are eligible for election to the Executive Committee. Core members of our Equipment & Standards Committee, Health & Safety Committee and Training Committee are elected from candidates representing any Member company of IRATA.


Due to our geographical spread, it is advised that biographies contain concise detail that accurately represents each candidate and provides electors with a good insight into the qualities that the candidate can afford IRATA. For example, previous industry experience, academic qualifications, achievements and previous exposure to the inner workings of committees. Please limit your biography to no more than 200 words.

Kindly ensure that you include the following with your nomination:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Biography
  • Photograph

All candidate nominations, including self-nominations, must be registered by e-mail, by 23:59 BST Thursday 1st August 2019. Should you qualify and wish to apply, please write to [email protected] and we will send you further information.