Complaint judgement - Fraudulent IRATA training provider en


A technician raised a complaint regarding a Nigerian based non-IRATA training company claiming to provide certified IRATA training.​

The company provided rope access training certification containing the IRATA logo, thereby implying that the training was provided by a genuine IRATA member company. After realising that the training certificate issued by the non- IRATA training company was not accepted by his employers, the complainant sought assistance from IRATA in the hope of recovering his costs.

The technician was informed that “in such instances IRATA is powerless to intervene on behalf of the complainant regarding reimbursement of his training and certification costs. However, matters related to misrepresentation and copyright infringement will be pursued by the IRATA Legal Department.”


The misrepresentation element of this complaint is now satisfactorily concluded.

Prior to paying any sums to an IRATA training provider or signing an agreement, we strongly advise all prospective IRATA training candidates to check that they are dealing with a genuine IRATA training member provider.

You can check the validity of an IRATA training member company by clicking here: https://irata.org/members.