Auditor Training Course en


IRATA Auditors were put through their paces during the audit software training course at our 2016 ITEC held in Munich, Germany. The new audit software was introduced to improve the audit processes and to provide analytical capabilities for IRATA Head Office.

Auditors will soon be recording and completing audits on mobile devices and it is expected that the switch to digital data recording will provide many key benefits including:

  • Improved guidelines and support for Auditors
  • Reliable audit trail
  • Efficient monitoring of action time frames
  • Centralised records
  • A structured and standardised audit work flow
  • Efficient recall of historical data
  • Comprehensive trend analysis
  • Enhanced tracking of non-conformances
  • Task automation

IRATA Quality Manger, Dr Sheila Kondaveeti, was complimentary of the new system, stating that she was “delighted with the commitment shown by the Audit team and that the full implementation of the software will be a fundamental step change towards improving the IRATA audit process”.