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5th Point Pty Ltd


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5th Point was founded in 2002 and has been operating and training within the working at heights sector for the last 14 years. We primarily train the only internationally recognised industrial rope access qualification (IRATA) and hold full membership with IRATA in both training and operations.

Over the last decade, 5th Point has continued to grow and develop, becoming the leading IRATA training company in Australasia, training over half of all IRATA technicians in the region.

We have a purpose built training facility in Brookvale, NSW, with provision for training industrial rope access, working safely at height and enter and work in confined spaces.

5th Point has provided training in various nationally recognised units of competency since 2008, through partnerships with various other Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s).

To support our commitment to providing the highest quality of training, in 2014 5th Point made the decision to register as an RTO. We underwent audit and registration in 2015.


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Leigh Greenwood

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