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City Abseiling Ltd


Details zum Unternehmen

We offer a large range of abseiling services for industrial and commercial clients

  • Building Site and Construction Services
  • Glazing and Curtain Wall fixing
  • Full Rope Access Solutions
  • Maintenance and Consulting Services

We also provide the man-safe systems for fall arrest and abseiling eye-bolts rigging on the roofs:

  • Design
  • Supplying and installing
  • Testing and commissioning


  • Cleaning & Painting
  • Highrise Window / Façade cleaning
  • Konstruktion
  • Überprüfung
  • Wartung & Reparatur
  • Difficult and Restricted Access Consultancy
  • Glazing / Curtain Wall Installation
  • Post Construction Building Cleaning
  • Rope Access Services


United Kingdom

Technical Authority

Ashleigh Berridge

Regionales Beratungsgremium

United Kingdom