London Work at Height Seminar 2023

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We would like to thank all those who attended the London Work at Height Seminar (LWAHS) on its return to the London Guildhall. With guests travelling from as far as the UAE, India and Brazil, the fifth LWAHS was a great success providing an opportunity for industry counterparts to come together to further their professional knowledge and safety awareness of the wider work at height industry.

The LWAHS welcomed Joanna Carrington, Jonathan Cooper and Jamie Ruxton from the City of London Corporation, who offered valuable insights into the impact of safety culture within the City.

Principal Designer and CDM Adviser at Baily Garner (Health & Safety) Ltd, Adam Smith, complemented these insights with a discussion on the practical implementation of the ‘hierarchy of controls’ and how this helps to reduce risk throughout the design and construction process in the City.

Stephen Green from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), presented the impact of workplace culture on safe working practices and Simon Richmond, Senior Technical Officer at the Arboricultural Association, informed the audience of arboreal industries’ continuous progression to safer working practices. Peter Bennet OBE represented the Access Industry Forum (AIF) and provided statistical data, and updates from the APPG on working at height.

IRATA International was represented by Dr Sheila Kondaveeti and Jonathan Capper, IRATA’s CEO and Executive Chair. Dr Kondaveeti expressed the benefits of using IRATA members for industrial rope access needs, stating that “the cost of unsafe working practices will far outweigh any savings in the short term. Jonathan spoke about the IRATA safe system of work.

Details of the 2024 LWAHS will be released soon; follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date!

Thank you to the City of London Corporation for hosting the event and for their continued support.


London Work at Height Seminar 2023

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London Work at Height Seminar (LWAHS 2023) will be held on the 20th July 2023 at London Guildhall.

More information on this year’s guest speakers, exhibitors and tickets will be announced soon.

You can find more information on the event as it is announced on the LWAHS website found here.

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