Step-by-Step Guide to Become a RASS Training Provider en


This guide provides an overview of the application process for members wanting to become Rope Access Safety Supervisor (RASS) Training Providers.

As part of the application process, you will be required to create and present your RASS training manual, which will be audited to the ‘IRATA RASS Training Provider Requirements [QP-XXXENG].’

IRATA has provided templates for the following course materials:

  • RASS Risk Assessment
  • RASS Rescue Plan
  • RASS Site Monitoring
  • RASS Pre-work Briefing

However, applicants are permitted to create their own templates for these; if chosen so, these will also need to be presented for audit.

The Rope Access Safety Supervisor Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme [TC-390ENG] provides information on what should be included in these templates.

Once you have created your training manual, you must complete an application form found here.

You must submit your training manual (and the 4 templates mentioned in Step 1, if you do not wish to use the IRATA-provided templates) along with photos of your intended classroom setting.

Following receipt of your application and supporting documents, IRATA head office will conduct a remote desktop audit of the submitted information.

The cost of this audit will be charged to your account in accordance with the IRATA Price List [FM—XXXENG].

Once the remote desktop audit has been completed, IRATA head office will notify you of the outcome.

If any Non-conformances are identified, you must close these out within 90 days. Failure to do so will result in the requirement to reapply.

Congratulations! You are now an approved IRATA RASS Training Provider. You will receive a certificate, which will be listed on the IRATA website under Approved RASS Training Providers. From the date of certification, you can start conducting RASS Training.

To maintain your status, you will be audited to the criteria outlined in ‘IRATA Membership Requirements [QP-300ENG]’ section XXX as part of your normal Re-certification audit that takes place every three years.

Further details on the process of providing RASS training courses can be found in ‘Members Guide to RASS Training [FM-xxxENG]’

Relevant documentation

Here is a list of all relevant documentation:

  • RASSTACS Rope Access Safety Supervisor Training Assessment and Certification Scheme [TC-390ENG]
  • IRATA RASS Requirements Audit Checklist [FM-XXXENG]
  • References to RASS within IRATA Documents
  • IRATA Membership Requirements [QP-300ENG]
  • Bye Laws [QP-103ENG]
  • Serious Incident Procedure [MP-255ENG]
  • Topic Sheet No 006-Protection of ropes
  • Topic Sheet No 010-Policy, procedures and permits
  • Topic Sheet No 028-Misuse of anchors
  • Most recent WASA report
  • RASS Risk Assessment example
  • RASS Risk assessment template [FM-XXXENG]
  • RASS Rescue plan example
  • RASS Rescue Plan Template
  • RASS Site monitoring template
  • RASS pre-work briefing template
  • RASS Scenario question examples
  • Candidate guide to RASS Training and Examination
  • Members guide to RASS Training