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Ropeak Inc.


Detalhes da Empresa

Ropeak Inc. is a operation/training member company operated by experienced and energetic IRATA technicians in Taiwan. Our team has techs from L1s to L3s. We are able to perform high-rise maintenance, window cleaning, painting, installation, rigging, confined space works and also renewable energy industry like solar power and onshore/offshore wind turbine projects with highest safety manner.

We also has our own training venue to provide full training course for people who are interested to get into rope access industry. For those techs need to revalidate or upgrade can also find solution here.

We are based in Taiwan but work worldwide. If you are interested in our services. Please feel free to contact us.


  • Cleaning & Painting
  • Highrise Window / Façade cleaning
  • Fornecedores de Equipamento
  • Inspeção
  • Manutenção e Reparação
  • Testes Não Destrutivos
  • Outras Limpezas e Pinturas
  • Workshops
  • Treinamento
  • Fiber-optic / Cold Cathode and LED Installation
  • Highrise Gas / Drainage / Ducting Pipe Installation
  • Lift Shaft / Air Vent and Duct Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Difficult and Restricted Access Consultancy
  • Glazing / Curtain Wall Installation
  • Aircraft Warning Light Installation and Maintenance
  • Structural Survey / Repair / Maintenance
  • Lightning Conductor Installation / Removal
  • Post Construction Building Cleaning
  • Big Arts Hanging
  • Rope Access Services



Technical Authority

Kuei Chi Peng

Comitê Consultivo Regional

Far East Asia