Work & Safety Analysis(WASA) 2018 en


Essential reading for rope access managers, supervisors, training companies and technicians; and insightful information for anyone working in rope access, this year’s Work & Safety Analysis (WASA) is now available for free download here (will open in a new tab).

Independently compiled by consultant, Dr. Chris Robbins, the report examines employment, accident and incident data submitted by IRATA member companies between January - December 2017, and presents findings of paramount importance for safety within the industry. The report highlights a range of areas for consideration, especially by managers, supervisors and training companies, in order to provide the highest levels of protection for technicians working under their guidance.

Emphasis is placed on the urgency for supervisors and training companies to stress the need for adequate edge protection and deviations, together with special attention to rigging and anchoring of ropes to ensure that they are free from third party threats, leaving ropes in place when not in use and the adherence to equipment (such as power ascenders) safety instructions. The data also brings to our attention the high incidence of dropped objects: prior to the commencement of work, all potential for dropped objects or any loose items must be addressed. Furthermore, the analysis underlines the need for improvement in the identification and assessment of work site hazards as a key priority for managers and supervisors.

More than ever before, IRATA members are urged to report all incidents - not only injuries, but dangerous occurrences - the information of which can help to inform and educate others in the prevention of accidents, potentially saving lives.

We would like to thank Dr. Chris Robbins for this imperative report, the fundamental analysis of which is crucial to understanding and allowing safety improvements within rope access. We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the considerable effort of member companies to collate and submit the data necessary and IRATA staff for its compilation and presentation.