ITEC 2014 - Rio de Janeiro en


Our ITEC 2014 was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the course of the event our committees presented their work undertaken over the past year and their plans for the year ahead. Meetings were held at the Windsor Guanabara conference centre and our Technical Day at the Cidade Do Samba. The event was closed with our AGM and Annual Dinner.

Our ITEC welcomed a variety of guest speakers covering a range of engaging topics, providing members with further insight into our industry. Guest speakers included Brazilian government bodies and major clients.

Our Equipment & Standards Committee meeting was chaired by our Justin Atkinson, in absence of the chairman Graham Burnett, and covered an update on each of the committee’s working groups.

Our Health & Safety Committee meeting was chaired by Paul Bingham where he presented a proposal to undertake IRATA own testing programme which will focus primarily on back up devices.

Our Training Committee meeting was led by Leigh Greenwood and covered topics including the review of TACS, Instructor status, assessment pads, Back-Up devices used during training and the repercussions of failed Assessments when re-validating and up-grading.


The following candidates were elected to their respective committees:


Paul Bingham(Chair)
Chris Edmondson
Simon Kamperis
Reinhard Grussler
Edward Perks
Barri Marshall
Neil Wibrew
Graham Burnett


Graham Burnett (Chair)
Jonathan Capper
Paul Seddon
Gavin Zurich
Reinhard Grussler
Toto Settanni
John Pilling
Francois Botha
Neil Wibrew


Leigh Greenwood (Chair)
Rob Benton
Adam Long
Connor Turley
Peter Wood
Ben Eke
Raymond Atkinson
Nick Croudace
Patrick Hartigan


Jon Twitchin (Chair)
Mark Campbell (Vice Chair)
Jonathan Capper
Rob Benton
Dave Towse
Ivor A’lee
Barri Marshall
Mark Stephen
Amel Vriesman
Adriano Peixoto
Paul Cooper

To bring our ITEC to a fitting close we finished the week with our eagerly awaited Annual Dinner.