An IRATA L1 technician breached the IRATA logbook policy insofar that he self-verified a logbook entry recorded in his IRATA logbook. Further to this, upon inspection of the respondent’s logbook by an IRATA Assessor, the following additional discrepancies were identified:

  • missing verification signatures of rope access supervisors;
  • alterations made to page totals of hours worked, after verification;
  • incomplete logbook entries; and
  • logbook defacement.

The Respondent admitted their wrongdoing.

The Adjudicating panel determined as follows:

“The Panel note that over 500 unverified rope access hours were entered into the Respondent’s logbook and that this raises doubt about the authenticity of other work hours recorded in the Respondent’s logbook. The number of errors identified and the total disregard for IRATA’s logbook policies is alarming. The Respondent’s admittance of self-verifying his own rope access work hours, as though it was an accepted practice, emphasises the Respondent’s lack of awareness of basic logbook requirements. This also raises concerns about other important policies of which he may be unaware.

Accordingly, the Panel determined that the Respondent shall be precluded from IRATA training and assessment for a period of six months, after which time the Respondent’s reinstatement as an IRATA technician is subject to the successful completion of an IRATA training course and assessment at Level 1. Moreover, the Respondent shall not be permitted to use the logbook hours recorded in his logbook for the purpose of upgrading to IRATA Level 2 and will, therefore, be required to obtain a new logbook.”


In accordance with the IRATA logbook policy as set out in the ‘Training Assessment and Certification Scheme’, technicians are responsible for the correctness, accuracy and completeness of all entries recorded in their IRATA logbooks. Non-compliance with these requirements will likely result in a sanction.

Please maintain logbooks properly. The IRATA Logbook is an important document that is relied upon throughout industry. Guidance on how to correctly complete logbooks can be found here. If ever in doubt, please contact IRATA for further clarification.